1. jakemalik:

    everyone stop fighting


    just stop it


    leave it to the cute little puppies


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  3. dailybunny:

    Make Sure You Bring a Treat for Bunny at His Kissing Booth!

    Happy Bunday! Thanks, Heidi and bunny Humphrey!


  4. isabelmagnolias:

    *jon snow travels to outer space* 

    aliens: ah, you must be ned stark’s bastard

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  5. Home made s’mores in a jar

    Recipe taken from How Sweet It Is

  6. gocookyourself:

    Peyton Manning’s One Ring

    In honor of Super Bowl Weekend, Yahoo Sports asked us for some Big Game-themed recipes. We’ll be supplying Tailgating Treats all weekend.

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  7. death-by-lulz:

    the future King of England

    Featured on a 1000Notes.com blog

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  10. timetravelanddonuts:

    Bunnies object to studying because it takes time away from bunnies.

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